A Brief Guide To Keywords

The Heart Of Your Website

The heart of a successful website is the quality of the content. It's not enough to just add a few keywords, you also have to use them well. It's important to know what your audience wants so that you can offer it to them. Getting high rankings in search engines and building trust and authority can be achieved through an effective content creation strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization

If you want your site to be ranked high, you have to put in a lot of effort. Search engine optimization can make your website better for users. Search engine optimization consists of several keywords and a mixture of optimization of these keywords linked with the subject and substance of the website content to rank high in the search engines. The various keywords used in SEO can be categorized into three types of keywords which are single word, multiple word, and theme based keywords.

Keyword Research

Keyword selection must be done using keyword research where we use special tools to create a list of keywords searched by the targeted audience. Keywords can be single words, multiple words, and theme based. Understanding these categories of keywords would also help one to decide as to their targeting on specific pages.

Single keywords

Single keywords, also known as generic keywords, target general audiences. In single keywords, you can find organic leads to high competition categories of websites. However, because single keywords are generic, they do not target specific audiences. Although single keywords can help drive massive traffic to your website, these terms tend to be irrelevant to users.

Multiple Word Keywords

Most users find what they are looking for using multiple word keywords of two or three words. Multiple word keywords target specific audiences, driving targeted traffic that leads to high sales and top search engine positions. Because multiple word keywords tend to be more targeted, they can produce much better results.

Theme Based Keywords

Theme based keywords, also known as primary keywords, are website related keywords that bring in high volume traffic that is targeted. Qualifiers are used to make theme based keywords even more effective. Qualifiers are words that further narrow primary keywords, making them more specific. To make primary keywords more effective, organically sprinkle them throughout your content, combining them with qualifiers.