Search Engine Optimization Strategies That Work

Keyword Optimize Your Content

The keyword effectiveness index is the measurement of the popularity and competition of a keyword. The higher the KEI, the more desirable the keyword is to optimize for. By optimizing your content for high KEI keywords, you can increase your chances of ranking high for effective keywords with little to no effort.

Build Backlinks

The more backlinks you have pointing to your site, the higher your page rank can be. The key to an effective link building strategy is to focus on quality over quantity. Having hundreds of unrelated and poor quality links pointing to your site can actually do more harm than good. You want to target high quality related websites to link to. Having one high quality related backlink to your site will benefit you far more than having 10 unrelated or poor quality links pointing to your site.

Manually Submit Your Site To Search Engines

As you build and grow your site, eventually the major search engines will pick up your site and index pages. You can let the SEs know about your site and pages and help them to index your site faster by manually submitting your site to their index. This doesn't guarantee you'll get listed or that if you're listed it would be any faster, but it's still good practice.

Keep Up With The Search Engines

Although SEs are constantly evolving, improving, and gaining intelligence, they are still limited in how they can crawl the web. It's best to develop your website in ways that allow the SEs to easily crawl and understand your website.

SEO Takes Time

SEO is often referred to as a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time for SEs to index, crawl, and process your data. It takes time for websites to link to you. It takes time to build quality content. By implementing good practices and strategies you can help users and bots better see and understand your website this can help to speed up the process but won't guarantee faster results. A general rule of thumb is to allow 3 - 6 months for changes to be reflected on the internet.

Search engine optimization can be a long, involved, and not-always-straightforward process. By following the techniques being used by the top ranking sites consistently, you can improve your own SEO. SEO continues to grow as the internet becomes more prevalent. By following the techniques used by the top ranking sites to improve ranking, you will be able to make the most of your internet marketing efforts. The basic guidelines and practices one should follow to optimize search ranking often cost little to nothing and are relatively easy to implement.