Skyrocket Your Search Engine Ranking

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

The process of ranking websites is known as search engine optimization. It's important to understand that both on-page and off-page factors are taken into consideration when creating an SEO strategy. Internal factors are considered such as the internal linking structure of your website, the alt tags you use, and the content of your website, as well as external factors such as links pointing back to your website. On-page factors are under your control. Off-page factors are not in your control.

Building Links That Rank

If you want your website to rank well in search engines, you should build links to related sites. Incoming links play a huge role when it comes to search engine ranking. It's important that these sites have a similar content theme as yours. For example, if your site is built around search engine optimization, you would want to get your link on sites that deal with SEO related content. The quality of the content on a website is measured by the search engines in order to determine if that content is good for them. Quality links from other websites are just as important as having quality content. When determining how trustworthy and authoritative a website is, search engines look at the links to a website. The more relevant and high-quality links a website has, the more trustworthy and authoritative it has to a search engine.

A Free And Simple Link Building Technique

There's a free and simple technique that you can use to get tons of incoming links to your site. It's easy and it only takes a few minutes to set up. Type in the following phrase with quotation marks: "Search Engine Optimization" or "Add URL". Then hit the search button and many of the sites that come up will allow you to add your website link to their directory. Some of these sites will ask you for a reciprocal link, which means you have to add their link to your site. Link schemes are a no-no, and if you want to rank well for any keyword, you should avoid reciprocal links. You can use this technique to create backlinks to your website by substituting the keyword "search engine optimization" with your own keyword. For a bonus, you can play around with different keyword combinations.

You can expand your search even further by replacing "Add URL" between the second set of quotation marks with other phrases such as "Add Link" or "Submit a URL". Try to get as creative as possible and come up with as many combinations of words as you can think of.

As a side note, sometimes these link directory sites will have another link you must click to find the submission form. In such cases, look for things like "Add your site", "Click here to add your URL" and so on.