Rules Of Copywriting
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Rules Of Copywriting

Tips For Writing Effective Copy

Last edited on 02/02/2022

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In our previous article, "Raising Search Engine Rankings", we discuss how quality content is important to SEO. In this article, we reveal the rules every copywriter, no matter how experienced, must know. This article will help create a framework of rules, standards, techniques, and methods to help you write professional marketing content.

There are several indispensable rules every copywriter should know. These rules are so important, they are sometimes forgotten. If a copywriter forgets them, he or she will struggle to create truly exceptional content.

Good marketing content must be grammatically correct. This is not only true for written content but also for audio and video marketing campaigns as well. If you don't possess this accurate precision in your writing, then your campaign will suffer.

In writing copy for your website, it's important to think about several important questions before you start to devise and design the structure of your site. These include the following:

Make sure your copy is as precise and straightforward as possible. It should have a logical and coherent style. There should be some definite order in which all your message is delivered. Also, you should always visualize your audience in front of you and deliver the most important points of your message first. Being as precise as possible will make your website more effective and increase the chances your visitors will come back and stay.

Your copy should be easy to read. Your message should focus on just one main point. It's not advisable to include several points in your message.

Although some exaggerations may be acceptable in sales copy, your message must not contain outward lies. If your customer suspects that you are not being honest,  they will not believe you, and might even question the credibility of the entire company you are working for. The message must be written in a simple, easy to read, and understandable style. Do not patronize. Have an honest, open-minded, healthy dialogue with your customers. Communicate clearly and simply.

Avoid complex language or obscure references, if your reader does not understand your message because of the use of jargon, they will not be interested in what you are selling. They may feel you are hiding vital information from them, and even doubt your credibility.

Check your text for grammar and spelling mistakes. Do not use too many words or you will confuse your customer.

Your message should be memorable. Use words that are simple, direct, and transparent. Make it simple for your customer to engage. Tell them what to do and when to do it, and make it easy for them to find the contact information they need. Sell the benefits, not the features.

Don’t clutter your copy with words that your reader will have a hard time grasping. Instead, concentrate on the benefits your offer provides and say what you have to say in as few words as possible. Be concise, not cryptic.

Try to speak directly to the customer in your ads. Use “you” and “your” as much as possible, as the advertisement that communicates directly with your customer is more appealing.

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