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Free Tools And Strategies To Optimize Search Rank

Last edited on 08/21/2021

Basic on-page optimization can be achieved easily. This article will share some tools and strategies you can use to perform some basic on-page SEO yourself.

Check Your Site

Check to see if your website is indexed in the search engines you're targeting such as Google, Bing, Yandex. Simply visit the search engine and type "site:[DOMAIN.TLD]" without the quotes. replace [DOMAIN.TLD] with your domain name. This will bring up a list of the web pages the search engine has indexed for that domain name.

Webmaster Tools

Each search engine has its own version of webmaster resources and tools. You'll want to set up an account for each of the search engines you want to rank in. Once you create an account, you'll want to submit your site for indexing, or claim ownership of a listing, if your site is already indexed.

Once you have set up your search engine accounts and have your site indexed, utilizing some tools can help you manage your SEO tasks. Using the right tools can help save you time and money while improving your rankings.

Most of the major search engines have tools and resources that will provide information for webmasters to create optimal content and strategies for the best performance in their search engines. This is the best place to start.

Create "robots.txt" Files

A robot text file (robots.txt) is a special file that tells search engines what you do and don't want them to crawl. However, the robots.txt is not used to prevent a webpage from being indexed. Adding the "noindex" meta tag to a webpage will prevent search engines from indexing it. It's important to note that search engines must be able to crawl the page to see the noindex meta tag, so don't add pages you don't want to be listed to a robots.txt file. The robots.txt file simply lets the search engines know what you do and don't want them to crawl on your website.

You can create a simple robots.txt file by hand. Google Search Central has a great article on how to create and submit a robots.txt file. Read it here.

Small SEO Tools has a handy robots.txt generator you can use for free here.

Create Sitemaps

Sitemaps are special files that help to inform search engines of what pages to crawl and index on your website. Sitemaps are not required and do not guarantee pages will be crawled and indexed. As search engines have progressed it's become less and less important to have a sitemap. Nevertheless, it's still good practice to create sitemaps and submit them to the search engines.

Small SEO Tools has a free XML sitemap generator you can use here.

Link Building

By building quality backlinks (links on other sites to your site), your website's search rank will increase, as well as trust and authority.

We have written several articles regarding link building.

Daily Link Management Tasks
There are some daily tasks you can perform to ensure the optimal effectiveness of your link building.

Links That Make Search Engines Happy
Search engines are always updating their algorithms to better serve users. Search engine optimization was once the primary factor search engines used to determine a website’s ranking. Now, SEO is a far smaller factor of their total algorithms. Links are now one of the biggest factors with search engines.

Getting Free Backlinks To Your Website
As you may realize, link popularity plays a major role in your website's ranking in the search engines. Essentially, the more links pointing to your website, the higher your search engine rank will be.

Effective Link Building Methods
On-page search engine optimization is among the key methods to enhance your search engine ranking. Effective website optimization often involves modifying web code, which often entails some level of technical skill.

Small SEO Tools has a nice collection of backlink tools you can utilize to help manage your backlinks.

Make sure your website is complete before you start promoting. Utilize good search engine optimization strategies that abide by the webmaster guidelines of your primary search engine. Use the tools above with your SEO strategies to help improve rankings.

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