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The Web’s Most Trusted Security Layer

The Web’s Most Trusted Security Layer If you're collecting sensitive data such as e-commerce payments or membership sites, an SSL certificate is a must have. An SSL certificate allows SSL to be enabled on a domain. SSL encrypts data between the user and the website, ensuring that data such as payment details or login information is secure. We offer two types of SSL certificates, regular and wildcard. A regular SSL certificate can only be used on the subdomain (or root) that it is installed on, whereas a wildcard SSL certificate will work on the domain and any subdomains on that domain. SSL certificates can be purchased during registration or transfer of a domain or at any time by simply going to your control panel, selecting the domain, and adding SSL to it.

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Getting your SSL setup is truly as simple as clicking a button. Just select the domain from your control panel and add on SSL, we'll have you set up in minutes.

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