ExecutiveHosting Plan

With the executive cloud hosting package, you could have an unrestricted range of sites in one web hosting account. Have unrestricted disk space and traffic quotas. Make an unlimited number of email accounts and also MySQL databases. You will have all of the resources you need to manage several websites at the same time.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

A cloud web hosting platform based on security-enhanced Linux–driven web hosting servers

Our servers run a security–improved Linux distribution, making them exceptionally well-protected and reliable. We’ve put lots of time and energy into developing a secure system that can endure massive hacker or DoS attacks without causing disruptions to the web hosting service and putting at risk your website’s overall performance.

Solid-state–State Drives

SSD–powered cloud web hosting machines

We’ve got a few different types of shared website hosting servers. All of them use solid–state disks rather than regular hard drives. Solid–state disks boast much faster read & write speeds, which means that your website will open much quicker. No additional site modifications are needed. With the superb online connectivity options offered by all our cloud hosting Datacenters, your website will start to open much faster as soon as you turn to us.


A secure web app firewall program

All our shared website hosting packs have ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a compact–sized Apache module that does a perfect job – it functions as a web app firewall, effectively safeguarding your websites against hack attacks. What’s even better is it all takes place instantly. You don't need to do any modifying or tweaking. Your websites will become safeguarded the moment you host them with us.

A Database Manager

An all–in–one database administration tool.

With the Database Manager incorporated into the Website Control Panel, you can quickly and efficiently manage all databases. You will be able to create new databases with just a couple of mouse clicks. We also offer elaborate MySQL usage statistics that will show you which databases are used most we’ve set up a tool that allows you to back up any of your databases with one click, without having to log into the phpMyAdmin user interface.