Our Australia Datacenter

The Amaze Datacenter In Sydney, Australia

The Fastest Loading Speeds For Australia And Oceania Traffic

Amaze Communication (Amaze) is located in Sydney, AU. Connected with critical AU ISPs and our own network, Amaze is able to deliver the fastest loading speeds from Australia, Oceania, and around the world. Every account hosted at our AU datacenter includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Semi-dedicated Hosting

The Amaze datacenter provides superior web connectivity worldwide to all countries from Asia and Australia, improving your website's performance. Every account hosted at our AU datacenter includes a free dedicated IP address, web accelerators, SSD, and much more.


A Top–tier Datacenter

The Amaze datacenter is one of the best datacenters in Australia. Serving some of the top TSPs, our AU datacenter provides optimal hosting conditions by sustaining ideal temperature and humidity within the hosting environment. With a massive peering network, Amaze provides exceptional connectivity from the southern hemisphere worldwide.

Top-notch Network Connectivity

Amaze has built its own communication layer with N+1 redundancy, accommodating leading TSPs. This ensures top-rate connectivity for your websites.

Industry Certified Power & Cooling Systems

The Amaze AU datacenter is designed to meet the enhanced T-3 requirements. Two independent 20 MVA power feeds connect the facility to the National Grid with diesel generators available for backup. Adequate cooling is met with an N+1 cooling system that allows us to add additional servers without thermal overload.

Datacenters Safety & Technical Support

Our skilled technicians are on site 24-hours to ensure safety and security using BSM and SCADA systems to manage and monitor mechanical and electrical systems. CCTV and mantrap devices are used to ensure physical security is enforced. Our customized monitoring system allows system admins to track the server network, ensuring our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Scalable Server Network

The Amaze datacenter is an ideal location to house many of our servers. They have adequate resources to ensure optimal operation of existing servers while providing plenty of room to expand with ease.