Our Finland Datacenter

The Ficolo Datacenter In Pori, Finland

Ultra-fast Loading Speeds for Russia, Northern And Central Europe Traffic

Ficolo Oy (Ficolo) is our datacenter located in Pori, FI. Once an army base built underground, our Ficolo facility is designed to withstand many disasters such as missile strikes or natural disasters. Aside from its physical safety, our Finland datacenter implements the same high quality standards as our other facilities such as lighting fast N+1 connectivity, SSD equipped servers, UPS, and much more.lick to select the Text Element.

Shared Hosting

In addition to being designed to protect against various disasters, our Finnish datacenter guarantees 99.9% network uptime and 24-hour support. All servers are also equipped with SSD providing fast R/W speeds and loading speeds. The ZFS file system and Hepsia control are included in all accounts. We also have web accelerators and many other tools.


VPS Hosting

Ficolo is home to many of our OpenVZ VPS servers. Our OpenVZ servers are an ideal solution for those who require the massive resources of a dedicated server but with the ease and affordability of a managed solution. Our Finnish datacenter provides state-of-the-art connectivity with Russia and Northern Europe. Equipped with ultra-fast CPUs and SSDs, our OpenVZ servers include large CPU and RAM quotas providing resource-intensive websites with plenty of power. Our OpenVZ servers include a control panel, with various management tools.. Click to select the Text Element.


Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated hosting plans are an ideal solution for those requiring dedicated resources but want to enjoy the ease and affordability of a managed solution. Our semi-dedicated plans include our own control panel to manage all of your websites, domains, and billing from one simple place. Our semi-dedicated servers are equipped with ultra fast SSDs making loading speeds lightning fast.